The Run

I have been training to run my first 5K with the Couch to 5K program ( After some on and mostly off days of working out and then an entire week of not doing it at all, I had an epic win today. I got on that treadmill and ran for 25 minutes and 44 seconds - or 2 miles! It was such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. What struck me though, is that in the moments that followed that epic moment, I didn't feel the kind of support I thought I would after such a milestone. My husband said "great job babe, you are awesome" as he chased after our daughters to put their coats on... I posted emphatically on Facebook to get a few "you go girl" comments... And then I let the issue rest. I sat back and thought to myself...well what did you expect people to do/say? It was then that I realised that being super excited for myself, was ENOUGH for me! Wow... I usually have such ulterior motives for doing something, and I thrive on verbal encouragement and get the most gratification out of being applauded by those in my life. But today, I praised God - for His faithfulness and endurance in my life - and thanked Him for beginning to show me that I was enough, and I only needed to know how proud He was of me.

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