Day 1

I didn't want to set unattainable goals but I did that today thanks to my friend Sheryl. I'm going to train with her to run a half marathon in Dallas in May- holy cow! Anyway, I decided to begin, I would just change my food choices and amounts so that is what I practiced today. I chose a soup and salad when dining out for lunch and had soup with a slice of whole wheat bread for dinner. I also decided to ditch soda which means I have a killer headache as I head to bed! I am also majorly craving sugar right now so in keeping with my idea of thinking about what I was eating I chose to have two slices of bread with nutella instead of a dessert. So, you are thinking those aren't huge changes... But I'm taking this a day at a time and I'm going to bed proud of my choices today. I feel good and that's what is most important to me!



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