Weighty Issues

I think weekly posts are easier haha! I haven't fallen off the wagon just yet, yay! I do believe I have decided to believe a few things regarding this journey...

1. If you aren't willing to deal with your fears and emotional wounds, you will never maintain a healthy lifestyle.
2. Don't set goals. WHAT?!
3. Minutes turn into hours, hours into days and days into weeks, months and years.

If you are at a point of obesity, I am telling you that you have issues, apart from your weight, that need to be dealt with. If you don't believe me, you are in denial. If you, like me, are eager to lose weight and be healthier, start with your emotional health. You and I can never begin to celebrate ourselves at a lower weight or smaller size if we can't celebrate ourselves as we are. I don't believe you can maintain any success in regards to your health if you don't have your best interests at heart. So, find a counselor and make an appointment. 3rd party individuals who are trained to coach you into a healthy mentality will be incredibly beneficial on this journey.

Now you want to know why on earth I would go against every one who has advice regarding these issues and say "Do NOT set goals". Let me elaborate. If you are making these efforts for a class reunion, vacation, significant other(or anyone besides yourself for that matter)...etc...they won't last. If you need goals to keep moving forward set very small and short term goals. In example, set a healthy caloric intake for today. Only focus on that day, that hour, that minute. It can become overwhelming when faced with months of skipping indulgences and "enjoying" life. Every day allow yourself some success, however small it may be and regardless of your failures that day. Rejoice in those days that you meet every goal. Instead of rewarding yourself with a cookie or a martini- reward yourself in healthy ways- buy some new workout pants, take a minute off of your exercise routine for one session. Get away from letting what you eat and drink determine your happiness and/or enjoyment.

When you make choices by the minute, it is easier to make the right or healthy choice. Slowly those minutes turn into an hour of good choices, those hours of good choices turn into days and etc. If you allow yourself to be devoid of a timeline for this transition, you allow yourself to become healthy without the emotional cost of "failing" when that day or event comes and goes and you weren't quite ready for it. Don't just lose weight or reach a certain size- become healthy...emotionally and physically.

That is what I am choosing to believe in on this journey. Maybe someday I can prove myself right ;)



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