Thoughtfulness much I want to say this week but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I'll start with the fact that I gained one pound back this week- but you know what? I am still full of joy and focusing on the fact that I still made some good food choices among the not so good ones and I never looked in the mirror and thought "I look so gross" so that is a win for me! In addition to that, God took particular interest in reminding me how much He loves people in pretty much every aspect of life this past week. I can't duplicate Josh Kouri's sermon from this morning but I can link you to the church website and highly encourage you to sit through it once it is posted this week! This week my heart is heavy with the burden of God's love for humanity. One of my favorite parts of Josh's sermon today, which I will now take and share with you is that humanity is a two sided coin. One side being dignity, the other, depravity. We have this awesome built-in, chosen and dignified aspect of being people that allows us in our most depraved state to still be witnesses to a Holy, Awesome, Creator of the Universe. Just chew on that until you can watch the sermon for yourself.
The coolest part about this sermon for me was that God has already been deeply moving me to loving and reaching out to everyone that comes across my path with and eagerness to be a reflection of His deep love for them. Then through a completely divine appointment Aldo and I learned about Send Out Cards( and we fell in love with this awesome tool of building and enhancing relationships. I am so excited to see what God is going to do with that!
I love that God brought me to this place of completely appreciating who He created me to be and since I have embraced His love for who He made me to be, doors have been opened in an untold number of areas in my life, making way for me to accomplish things and experience life in a way that I never have...regardless of how much I weigh. I'll throw up a link to today's sermon when it comes up or you can keep tabs on



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